NA’AMAT, Hebrew acronym for “Movement of Working Women and Volunteers,” is an organization & a movement striving to enhance the quality of life for women, children and families in Israel, the U.S. and around the world. Originally named Pioneer Women, it was founded as a sister movement to NA’AMAT Israel.

NA’AMAT women act locally, nationally and globally in 11 countries (10 sister countries in addition to Israel). We are united in belief and in action around issues ranging from religious pluralism to an improvement in the status of women at home and in the workplace, from child well-being to peace in the Middle East, from the ability of single parents and new immigrants to build a life for themselves to the end of domestic violence. We help women, and we help women help themselves.

Because of its meaningful agenda, Golda Meir, National Secretary (President) of NA’AMAT in the 1930s, wrote that NA’AMAT was “the first and last women’s organization for which I ever worked.”

Our web site is dedicated to:

  • Raising awareness about this progressive Jewish women’s organization — its rich heritage and exciting future
  • Sharing information about the status of women, children and families and the initiatives NA’AMAT is undertaking on their (and our) behalf
  • Stimulating thinking about issues that affect us all as women, Jews, Zionists and human beings
  • Providing resources & materials for program planning and participation in your area
  • Creating an ever stronger global sisterhood through cyberspace

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As of JULY 2010

NA’AMAT USA pledges to continue our 85-year partnership with NA’AMAT Israel in its efforts to enhance the status of women, provide social service programs for the women, children and families of Israel, and advance equal rights and opportunities for women.

supports the State of Israel in the quest for a comprehensive, sustainable and just peace with all its neighbors, and in guaranteeing full and equal rights to all of its citizens irrespective of religion, sex or nationality.

1. NA’AMAT USA is dedicated to the principle that Jerusalem, remains the eternal, unified capital of Israel accessible to all.

2. We strongly support the preservation and integrity of the places holy to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and seek to promote peace and respect for people of all faiths.

3. We affirm our support of the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995, which requires the transfer of the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Religious Pluralism
1. NA’AMAT USA seeks to promote the unity of the Jewish people through support of religious pluralism in Israel.

2. We support the right of all Jews to practice any form of spiritual expression, whether religious or secular, that transmits Jewish values and seeks to enrich Judaism and perpetuate the Jewish people. We support Israel’s Law of Return, which gives continuing protection of Jewish status to those converted by Conservative and Reform rabbis.

3. NA’AMAT USA supports the efforts of NA’AMAT Israel to change the laws that present special obstacles for women in matters of marriage, divorce and widowhood.

1. NA’AMAT USA is committed to the concept of aliyah because immigration is critical for the growth of the State of Israel.

NA’AMAT USA salutes the United States for its democratic principles, which embody the separation of church and state and equal opportunities for all of its citizens regardless of race, color or creed.

We applaud the commitment of the United States to seek peace and security for Israel, and appreciate the economic and political support the U.S. government provides the state of Israel.

We encourage our members to be active and involved U.S. citizens by being aware of current events, communicating with elected officials and voting in local, state and national elections.

Status of Women
Domestic Violence and Sexual Harassment

1. NA’AMAT USA is committed to the right of a woman to a life free from abuse.

2. We applaud measures to change the attitudes about abuse currently held by individuals, institutions, and the community at large, through education and prevention programs.

3. We call upon our government to train and educate public employees in the prevention and treatment of domestic violence, and to set standards for the training.

4. We urge our religious leaders to recognize that domestic violence is a problem in the Jewish community. We urge them to expand their outreach to the abused and the abuser.

5. We oppose all forms of sexual harassment in the workplace or wherever it occurs and strongly advocate educating women about their rights and avenues of help available to them.

6. We support programs that result in services for the victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Reproductive Choice
1. NA’AMAT USA supports a woman’s right of choice. We reaffirm our position that reproductive choice must be recognized as a matter of individual conscience outside the realm of government intrusion. We oppose any attempts, whether by constitutional amendment, legislation, judicial review or government regulation to interfere with a woman’s decisions about her health and well-being.

2. We strongly oppose the U.S. Supreme Court decision that criminalizes abortions in the second trimester of pregnancy.

3. We condemn the use of deadly force against family planning centers, abortion clinics or any other facility used in the furtherance of a woman’s right to choose.

Child Care
1. NA’AMAT USA urges the states and federal government, private industry and unions to work together to establish and fund child-care facilities with programs accessible to all families.

2. We support tax credits for women or men who are primary caregivers for a child, parent or spouse.

Elder Care
1. We recognize the need for adult (seniors) day care centers as necessary for families and the elderly to manage and carry on their lives with dignity.

1. NA’AMAT USA supports laws that allow access to safe, legal and affordable health care for all. We believe that health care decisions must be made by the medical community and not by insurance companies or the government.

2. We urge women to educate themselves about the complex issues concerning their health.

3. We believe there is a need of specific health care research for women.

Women in Politics
1. NA’AMAT USA supports the political empowerment of women in the United States.

2. We urge all citizens to register and exercise their right to vote.

3. We encourage the election of individuals to office irrespective of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

4. We urge support of those candidates and incumbents who demonstrate strong commitment to the issues of women’s rights, human rights, freedom from bigotry, and support for Israel.

Economic Equality
1. NA’AMAT USA works to improve the status of all women in the workplace regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation.

2. We support the strengthening and enforcement of all laws that provide equality for women in employment, wages and job training.

1. We believe that a strong public education system is vital to a vibrant democratic society.

2. We support professional development for teachers so that children in the United States have the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to function effectively.

3. NA’AMAT USA supports initiatives to build better lives through education.

4. We oppose government funding for vouchers that may be used for private or parochial school education.

1. NA’AMAT USA supports creative educational programs to teach Hebrew, Yiddish and our Jewish and Zionist heritage.

2. We encourage membership in and financial support of our youth movement, Habonim-Dror, its activities across the USA, its summer camps and Israel programs.

3. We applaud and encourage the advancement of Jewish day schools.

Gun Control
NA’AMAT USA strongly supports government control of who has access to guns.

2. We believe in education aimed at reducing violence in our society in order to protect our children and families.

Environment and Energy
1. We encourage all scientifically valid efforts to reduce global warming

2. We urge the adoption of legislation and educational programs that will protect the environment in which we live.

3. We recognize the need to monitor industry to assure safe disposal of toxic waste.

4. We encourage conservation of natural resources and the development of alternative and renewable sources of energy, such as wind and solar power.

We strongly oppose discrimination based on gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, physical or mental handicap.

1. NA’AMAT USA recognizes and applauds the positive contributions of immigrants to the United States.

1. NA’AMAT USA is proud of the commitment and devotion of our members who give unstintingly of their time, their energy, and their resources to help fulfill our mission.

2. NA’AMAT USA. We salute our members, past and present, for their outstanding accomplishments as volunteers.

NA’AMAT USA voices its concern about the worldwide increase in anti-Semitism. It is critical for all to condemn the rising incidents of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel attitudes and attacks. We urge our members to support efforts to counter anti-Semitism.

1. We condemn the boycott of Israeli academic institutions, professionals, and/or Israeli products for any political reasons as they are manifestations of anti-Semitism.

2. NA’AMAT USA condemns any/all anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist diatribes demanding the destruction of the State of Israel.

NA’AMAT USA strongly condemns the destruction of any people and/or culture anywhere in the world.

1. NA’AMAT USA renews its pledge to preserve the memories of the Holocaust and denounce those who would deny it occurred.

2. We condemn atrocities committed against civilian populations anywhere in the world and the use of rape and sexual assault as weapons of war.

3. We call upon the world community to end genocide wherever it occurs.

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