Annuities and Bequests

Charitable Annuities: Share in our future while providing for your own. Charitable giving, by way of a charitable remainder annuity trust, enables you, the donor, to have your cake and eat it too:

  • Income Tax Deductions (to limit allowable by law)
  • Semi-Annual Returns
  • Estate Tax Benefits

A NA’AMAT USA Gift Annuity Trust provides the donor with a generous liftime income, guaranteed by an Annuity Agreement.

Under the terms of a NA’AMAT USA Gift Annuity Trust, you will lend vital support to the projects of NA’AMAT in Israel — and, you receive an annual return on your contribution that will continue throughout your lifetime, and that may also continue throughout the lifetime of your surviving beneficiary, should you so designate.

After the demise of the donor (and beneficiary if one is designated), the Fund will be terminated and the then principal will be transferred to NA’AMAT USA for distribution in Israel for the support of the Day Care Programs of NA’AMAT.
Bequests: Where there’s a will, NA’AMAT USA leads the way Your bequest will help:

Assure that Israel’s greatest treasure — its children — will be cherished and cared for in NA’AMAT USA’s outstanding day care centers and day-night homes.

Realize your dream of a strong, dynamic Israeli economy, through NA’AMAT USA’s broad network of vocational schools and programs which train useful, productive citizens.

Foster Israel’s future as a multi-cultural people united in a common understanding through the programs your bequest will make possible in NA’AMAT USA’s community centers.

It is advisable that you consult your attorney in drawing up your will or codicil in favor of NA’AMAT USA. Please contact our National Office at 212.563.5222 for more information and for the form that will ensure tax deductibility.