NA'AMAT awards 180 scholarships to students seeking higher education

At the end of June the Annual NA'AMAT Scholarship Ceremony took place with the participation of Adv. Talia Livni, President NA'AMAT Israel, Masha Lubelsky, President NA'AMAT Scholarship Fund, Ms. Liz Raider, President NA'AMAT U.S., Ms. Harriet Green, Chairperson Capital Funds – NA'AMAT U.S., & Ms. Orit Nusbaum, Vice President NA'AMAT Canada.

180 female students studying for their Bachelor and Master degree  were given a scholarship of 2,000 Shekels each. This year there has been a significant rise regarding the number of female students studying technological / scientific professions who received a scholarship. There were over 100 students (twice as many as in 2010) who are studying  engineering, science, computers, medicine, etc…

Almost 40 of the students who received a scholarship are studying for their master degree.

In addition, as in the last 7 years, NA'AMAT gave 4 research grants, each of 10,000 shekels, for Doctoral students, for research in the field of women’s status and gender studies.

The festive Scholarship Ceremony took place commemorating NA'AMAT 90TH Anniversary. Enclosed is an excerpt from my opening words in the ceremony concerning the history of NA'AMAT.

NA'AMAT awards 180 scholarships to students seeking higher education

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