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MARCH 2013

On International Women’s Day on March 8, 2013, NA’AMAT held 3 special events:

1) A very festive and special event at the Independence Hall in Rotchild St. in Tel Aviv. In this hall the declaration of the Independence of Israel was signed on May 15, 1948.

In this event, many dignitaries headed by Galia Wolloch, President NA’AMAT, signed the charter for women’s rights which was written by NA’AMAT in the 1980’s and was revised and updated for this unique event.

Among the dignitaries were: NA’AMAT past presidents – Nava Arad, Masha Lubelsky and Ofra Friedman, women members of Knesset, the advisor for Women’s status at the Prime Minister’s Office – Vered Sweid, past president of the High Court of Justice – former judge Dalia Dorner, NA’AMAT Board members and regional chairpersons, and more honorable guests.


The Charter will be taken to the Knesset, as we want more members of Knesset, including the Prime Minister, to sign it.

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2) A week ago a group of young women students from the “Young NA’AMAT group, ages 22 – 24, initiated a special “night activity” changing the names of famous streets which have names of well-known men to names of well-known women – Zionist leaders, authors and leading women from different fields. For example, Golda Meir, Sarah Ahronson, Beba Idelson, Roza Luxemburg, and more… Enclosed is a photo that appeared in “Yediot Aharonot” – leading daily newspaper.

3) On a festive event last Friday morning we exposed a graffiti that was done in Tel Aviv on Hayarkon St. by a well-known artist, especially for NA’AMAT, to commemorate the International Women’s Day. The slogan reads: “We can do it!” and there is the logo of NA’AMAT.


At the beginning of January, NA’AMAT held its Ideological Convention in Ayanot Youth Village.

Approximately 300 delegates – members of NA’AMAT from all over the country participated in a unique and meaningful day. The day started with a meeting of the Central Committee followed by the presentation of the budget for 2013. After lunch ideological discussions on different topics were held in round tables.

The issues that were dealt at the convention, which will be the main “flags” (main principles) of NA’AMAT for the next 5 years are as follows:

1) Labor World supporting parenthood.
2) 51% representation for women.
3) Educating for gender equality as part of the curriculum in schools.
4) Equality for women in marriage and divorce.
5) Equal pay to women in the labor market.

In the festive evening Galia Wolloch, President NA’AMAT gave the main speech and Ofer Eini, the Head of the Histadrut (Federation of Labor) greeted the participants.

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