Alternative High Schools

NA’AMAT’s Technological and Agricultural High Schools

threegirlsonwall.jpgNA’AMAT’s network of alternative high schools targets students who have been unable to succeed in traditional schools, often because of family or behavioral problems. The high schools offer small classes, individual attention, an experienced staff and a family atmosphere. Because of these factors, most students go on to become productive members of society.

The network includes 20 Technological High Schools, including 10 in the Arab sector, and two residential Agricultural Schools. More than 3,500 students attend these schools.

Technological High Schools

NA’AMAT’s four-year Technological High Schools are located throughout Israel. Their goal is to prepare high-risk students to become contributing members of society, through matriculation, military service or careers.

Students have a wide range of problems to overcome. Some have suffered abuse or neglect; others come from single-parent homes, as well as those where parents are alcoholics or drug addicts. Most come from low-income families in which parents have limited education. Some students come from “good homes.” None however, fit into a regular high school, where classes are large and individual needs may not be adequately addressed.

Among the courses of study are communication, photography, computer graphics, management, fashion design, early childhood education and hairdressing. Academic subjects such as math and science are taught in all the schools. The schools also instill values and encourage good work habits.

Agricultural schools

NA’AMAT runs two Beba Idelson Agricultural High Schools, known as Kanot and Ayanot. Both are four-year, co-educational schools that focus on serving students who find it difficult to succeed at regular high schools because of learning disabilities, behavioral problems or difficulties at home.

In addition to these students, high school students from the United States, Brazil and other countries, as well as Israeli students interested in agriculture, attend the schools.

All students benefit from a supportive environment, which includes special programs and extra help for those who need them.

Students at the NA’AMAT agricultural schools live in comfortable dormitories, where they are supervised in a warm, informal family atmosphere. Mornings are devoted to academic studies in a classroom setting. During the afternoon, students acquire practical experience in subjects such as animal husbandry and botany. A new veterinary program at Kanot prepares students to enter the School of Veterinary Medicine at Hebrew University.

Kanot also is home to an Equestrian Center, which offers lessons in horse breeding, riding, jumping, equipment maintenance and the rules governing track events. Through these activities, students develop sportsmanship, stamina and self-control.

Students also take computer courses and learn to use sophisticated software. All students prepare for the bagrut, the matriculation exam that is a prerequisite for admission to institutions of higher learning in Israel.

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