Domestic Violence

NA’AMAT is at the forefront of efforts to empower battered Israeli women to build healthy, abuse-free lives for themselves and their children.

In 1996, NA’AMAT, along with the city of Tel Aviv/Jaffa and the Ministry of Labor and Welfare, established the Glickman Center, which combines an outpatient clinic and secured housing. The center, which serves about 1,000 women a year, aids people from all over Israel and functions as an emergency haven for residents of Tel Aviv/Jaffa. About 30 women and their children reside at the Glickman Center shelter at one time. Residents include Jews and Arabs, secular and observant individuals, long-time residents and new immigrants.

The center offers immediate assistance to victims and provides long-term counseling to male perpetrators. Since research shows abused boys tend to become abusing men, support groups are offered to men. The center also works to prevent domestic violence through the educational system, in the community and in the Army. NA’AMAT volunteers also accompany women to the police station when filing complaints, and later connect them to the Glickman Center for therapy. The volunteers work with the men to get them into anger management treatment.

Glickman Center staff members include social workers, psychologists, criminologists and lawyers. Among the services NA’AMAT provides are an open “hot line” for emergencies, individual and group counseling, and legal advice. The center helps the parties reach conciliation agreements, if both the husband and wife attend therapeutic counseling sessions. It also helps prepare divorce agreements, which clearly defines arrangements for child custody and division of assets.

The Glickman Center’s goal is for the residents to re-enter the mainstream as independent individuals. By providing treatment for both victims and perpetrators, NA’AMAT works to break the cycle of violence for women and their families. 

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