Multi-Purpose Centers

NA’AMAT, the largest provider of day care in Israel, is always alert to meet the needs of the people of Israel . Recently, it has converted 24 day care centers into multi-purpose centers.

These 24 centers, throughout Israel, serve children who have been traumatized by terrorism, those who come from dysfunctional families, and children with special needs. In addition to quality early childhood education, the staff includes psychologists and social workers who provide intensive psychological and counseling services.

The children are cared for in a stable secure, nurturing environment from 7 am to 7 pm. Older siblings join them after school to receive the guidance they need, and parents come after work to participate in therapy groups that help them learn parenting skills for these very special children.

NA’AMAT’s Multi-Purpose Centers provide an environment for these young children to develop emotional security and good social skills, as well as to grow intellectually. The children receive affection, understanding, guidance, good nutrition, recreational and educational opportunities that prepare them to become productive citizens.

Even with NA’AMAT’S sliding fee scale, many families live below the poverty line and cannot afford even NA’AMAT’s subsidized fees. NA’AMAT Israel is establishing a children’s fund to help needy families send their children to the Multi-Purpose and Day Care Centers, and NA’AMAT USA chapters raise funds for this purpose.

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