The Department for the Prevention & Treatment of Violence in the Family

The Department for the Prevention & Treatment of Violence in the Family
NA`AMAT – The Movement for the Advancement of the Status of Women in Israel works to prevent the phenomena of violence against women within the family and in society.
Statistics show that there are over 200,000 battered women in Israel and a half million children exposed to domestic violence during a one year period.
NA`AMAT operates two centers for the prevention and treatment of violence, in Tel Aviv and in Haifa in addition to a shelter for battered women and their children located in Tel Aviv.
The Glickman Center in Tel Aviv serves as, under one roof, there is a shelter for battered women and their children and a counselling and treatment center for battered women, violent men, and children exposed to violence.
The Center was established in 1993 by the Tel Aviv Development Fund and NA`AMAT Canada.
  • Counselling and guidance for victims of physical and psychological violence, diagnosis of the immediate and future risk.
  • Rehabilitation for battering men.
  • Support groups and treatment for battered women.
  • Treatment of children exposed to violence in the family.
  • Legal advice.
  • A hotline
  • Lectures and seminars for professionals such as judges, social workers, police and army personnel, and senior medical staff.
  • Activities for adolescents, students, women soldiers, and senior citizens.
The Center staff includes social workers, psychologists, lawyers and educational counselors.
The Battered Women’s Shelter is located in the closed section of the Glickman Center. It houses Jewish and Arab Women, veterans and new immigrants, secular and traditionally observant.
The Shelter provides secure surroundings for women in extremely dangerous situations who come from all corners of the country.
The professional staff works cooperatively with all community agencies that give assistance and service to the women and children: Schools, Kindergartens, Attorneys, psychologists etc.
The shelter staff includes social workers, a kindergarten teacher, a lawyer, a housemother, and a professional counselor for the children. A group of volunteers works side by side with the staff.
During the year, the Department for the Prevention of Violence treats a 1,000 battered women and over 100 battering men in group therapy.
Approximately 50 women and 60 children are housed in the shelter during a one-year period.

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