The Technological Education Network

The Technology Education Network

NA’AMATthe Movement for the Advancement of the Status of Women, operates 20 Tecnological High Schools throughout the county, including 10 schools in the Arab sector. In  addition, the Education Network has 2 Residential Agricultural High Schools – in Ayanot and Kanot (the “Beba Idelson” school). These schools give a second chance to over 3,500 students each year who otherwise did not succeed in the educational system!

• We provide individualized attention in the classes limited to a small number of students (between 16-20 per classroom)

• In addition to the basic subjects, the courses taught in the Technological High Schools include: Communications, Photography, Computer programming and Graphics, Fashion, Interior Design, Jewelry, Hairdressing, Office Administration, and Bookkeeping.

• We provide modern and updated equipment, computer and photography laboratories.

• Teen-age girls and boys complete their high school studies successfully as they combine  theoretical studies with technological, vocational training.

• A growing number of students pass the matriculation exams successfully.

• Many new immigrants from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union are enrolled in the NA’AMAT High School Network. All students receive a well-rounded education under the supervision of a dedicated staff who work to instill pride, self- confidence and a sense of accomplishment into every student.

• The Residential Agricultural High Schools serve a diverse population of youngsters with special needs. The students enrolled in these schools live there and regard the school as their home as well as a place to learning and socializing.

• Upon completion of their studies, the graduation students have proven to be good citizens, striving to succeed and make a positive contribution to Israel’s society.

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