New fundraising opportunities are available for NA’AMAT councils and clubs. Your council or club can help students be prepared for their future by raising up to $5000 for small projects that are badly needed in Israel.

Israel’s Technological and Agricultural High Schools and Day Care Centers are in constant need of equipment upgrades. When your council or club raises the amount listed for one of the projects of your choosing, (the list of projects is available through the Area Offices or the Councils and Clubs) we help Israeli students acquire the technological knowledge they need to prepare themselves for future challenges in the workplace and society.

These monies will be part of the general funds (although specified for one or more of the special projects that are listed) so there will not be a name or a plaque attached to the project nor will NA’AMAT USA be able to earmark the exact location where the monies will be sent. This will be up to NA’AMAT Israel to decide which school or classroom the money will be allocated. However, this will enable you to work on a special project or two and still get earning fund credit toward your club or council goal. This can be a yearlong project or you can choose to more than one, but the entire amount of money for each of the projects must be send to National at one time.

This program does not preclude our important National Campaigns geared to individual donors. This is geared to club and council fundraising.

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